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17th Jan, 15

Why as a Pole I back UKIP immigration policy - Great Britain, just like any other country in the world, be it the USA, Canada, Australia or Poland should have the right to know and control who is allowed to settle down here, work here, and build his or her life here, as well as the pace at which that happens.

Friends of Poland in UKIP (FOPL)    

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On a continent where most countries, at one time, have been at war with each other and where allegiances have been switched at a drop of a hat, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland have had a great history of alliance which goes back centuries. It was most famously tested when the UK (and the British Commonwealth) declared war on Germany in response to the latter's act of aggression against Poland, resulting in World War II. By the end of the war the Poles were fighting alongside the British, contributing to the war effort on land, sea and in the air.
Therefore, as Friends of Poland in UKIP, we are committed to ensuring that this alliance lasts not only on the political scene but also on a local level, given the numbers of recent Polish migrants to the United Kingdom. In terms of their attitudes to the EU, Poland and the UK are not that dissimilar. After all, Poland not only said "no" to the single currency project, but it also appreciates the benefits of gaining energy self-sufficiency by way of shale gas fracking, which has major opponents on the continent. It is likely that there are and will be numerous other common grounds for cooperation on the European and global scene.

Key objectives

  • To represent Polish members and supporters of UKIP
  • To provide UKIP’s elected representatives, members and supporters with information relevant to Poland and Poles
  • To promote UKIP's policies among Polish community in the UK
  • To promote policies and initiatives that advance interests of both United Kingdom and Poland
  • To foster links between UKIP and Poland