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Jewish Community and UKIP

2nd Jan, 15

click on item to view      Religious Slaughter (Shechita)

The Jewish Chronicle interview with UKIP's Nigel Farage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Supports Israel      Je Suis Charlie

Exploring the Jewish vote in Hendon      The Rise of Anti-Semitisim

Labour funding crisis as Jewish donors drop 'toxic' Ed Miliband

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on the “intolerable rise of anti-Semitism in France.”

Ed Miliband says he will recognise a Palestinian state if Labour win GE.

UKIP Friends of Israel (FOI)


  Friends of Israel in UKIP     

FOI in UKIP Mission statement:

  • to ensure that UKIP has a fully informed, comprehensive foreign policy.
  • to foster links between UKIP and the Jewish State by organising delegations to Israel.
  • to provide UKIP’s elected representatives with information relevant to Britain and Israel’s mutual security concerns.
  • to ensure that Israel gets a fair hearing in all forums in which UKIP is represented.
  • to fight against taxpayer-funded EU interventionism in the Middle East.

  @FOI_in_UKIP      Friends of Israel in UKIP - Event in Westminster

Palestinian Statehood ?

Israel condemns British MPs’ vote to recognise Palestinian state

UKIP's MEP - The EU has no jurisdiction over State recognition

EU parliament votes to recognise Palestinian statehood, in principle

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