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2nd Feb, 15

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For all UKIP policy please go to the UKIP Maifesto for GE 2015.  All of our policies are explained in detail in the manifesto so if you need to check facts or detail they will be in there.

BELIEVE IN BRITAIN with Nigel Farage, as UKIP launches 2015 GE campaign.

My Britain       UKIP Local Manifesto 2014

People are beginning to realise that many of the local policies which affect our daily lives, standard of living, quality of life, and the vital local services we all use, are now controlled by EU laws made in Brussels.  Despite many promises, our local politicians are actually powerless to change anything in areas controlled by the EU, which explains why we hear so much talk but so little actually gets done.  We cannot change EU regulations but we can leave the EU, and UKIP is the only party committed to leaving.  It is estimated (according to EU Commissioner Viviane Reding) that 75% of Britain’s laws are now made by the EU and these laws affect every area of our lives, which is why leaving the EU is so important to everything in your local community.

UKIP and the Jewish Community     Christians and UKIP     Je Suis Charlie

Friends of Poland in UKIP     Thinking of Voting Green?

Channel 4 News with UKIP - Stop the Closure of Belmont Children's Farm in Barnet

"Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True" by Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality.

UKIP’s common sense policies supports a free NHS, and will put local people first for services, and deal with local problems of congestion, local parking, rising crime, overdevelopment and threats to our green spaces.  UKIP will abolish green taxes to reduce your energy bills, & abolish the bedroom taxUKIP champion free enterprise and competition but we oppose the abuse and spread of zero hours contracts.  We believe in full employment and worker's rights, not cheap exploited labour.  Controlling our borders is the only way to allieviate the unrelenting estimated demand on school places, and UKIP's education policy will allow new Grammar schools.  Labour's 50% university target has simply produced more graduates who can't find decent graduate jobs (and are left saddled with huge debts) and UKIP will scrap the 50% target and provide more apprenticeships, and abolish university tuition fees for STEM subjectsUKIP wants more transparency from all our elected representatives.  We will challenge and review the One Barnet contract with Capita where Barnet Council has outsourced council services.  UKIP will work to bring services back to Barnet.  UKIP will fight against the closure of local Libraries.  Barnet Council has published proposals to cut £2.85 million from the borough’s libraries service, raising the prospect of closing East Finchley and Childs Hill libraries.  Barnet's Libraries are an essential resource and service for the local community.  UKIP opposes the closure of local hospitals and the downgrading and centralisation of A&E departmentsWe must protect the elderly and most vulnerable and local services should be prioritised for local people who have lived in the Borough the longest.