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Put Locals First for Services

5th Jan, 15

UKIP believes that people who have lived in the local area the longest should get priority for local services.

Many local authorities already operate a Habitual Residence Test but this test has numerous exemptions and varies considerably from area to area.

UKIP supports the many local authorities who are now considering giving priority to those in work and insisting that would be tenants have lived in the area for up to five years before they become eligible.  The “get a job and live locally” policies are being adopted by a growing number of councils because of the huge pressure for limited housing stock, fuelled by immigration. 

The latest to consider the introduction of such measures is Labour run Waltham Forest in London, where more than 15,000 applicants are on the housing waiting list.  In a consultation paper the council explains “Many local authorities are now rewarding applicants who are improving their own circumstances.”  Other councils giving extra priority to those in employment include Conservative run Westminster, Havering, Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea in London; as well as Labour run Manchester, Derby and Stoke-on-Trent. 

Last year, the Labour run council in Southampton, which is home to 25,000 Poles, introduced a three year residency test for council housing. 

Locals and workers go to front of housing queue.