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General Election Result for Chipping Barnet 2015 by Victor Kaye

10th May, 15

Article by Victor Kaye, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Chipping Barnet.

General Election Result for Chipping Barnet 2015

Conservative  -  25,759  -  Theresa Villiers re-elected

Labour  -  18,103

UKIP  -  4151  -  Victor Kaye comes third with 8%

Green  -  2501

Lib Dem -  2381

Independent  - 118

During our campaign in Chipping things were looking more promising, but in the last couple of days the Tory vote seemed to be hardening rather than coming to us. They were worried about a Labour/SNP alliance. The Tory press scare tactics worked !

On the day, the Tory vote increased by almost 1000 over the 2010 result, whereas Labour’s actually rose by 6000.  Biggest losers were the Lib Dems  -  8000 down from 2010.  UKIP rose from 1442 to 4151, almost threefold, and retaining the Deposit.

Many thanks to all my team of helpers for their sterling effort.

Victor Kaye,

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Chipping Barnet.

Tel:  0208 445 5450  Mob: 07803 153888

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