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The Rise of Anti-Semitism

26th Feb, 15

Article by Richard King, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK (and across Europe) and everyone knows the real cause, but most refuse to speak its name. 

Fear is spreading across our communities after the murderous attacks in France which should be a wakeup call to this evil and deadly danger.  Britain is the most tolerant country on earth, but our free and democratic society is under attack and the real cause is there for all to see.  Our leaders are frozen by political correctness and a refusal to be honest.

British history is a history of immigration and we have always welcomed people from around the world coming here to work, and given asylum to those fleeing persecution in their own lands.  Previous immigration cycles have been controlled, and in relatively small numbers, and done with the support of the majority of the British people.  New arrivals worked hard, contributed and made every effort to integrate into British society whilst maintaining their own customs and religious practice, granted under British law.

So what is causing the recent rise in anti-Semitism?  What has changed?  Have the British people suddenly become more hostile?  No, of course not. 

First we must recognise the obvious fact that levels of anti-Semistism vary enormously across the world in different countries.  The ADL Global100 Anti-Semitism Index calculates an average index for different countries.   Britain currently has one of the lowest levels of the index and you can compare this to other countries.

Britain 8%    USA 9%   Australia 14%   Brazil 16%   China 20%   Russia 30%

Italy 20%   Germany 27%   Spain 29%   Romania 35%   France 37%   Poland 45%

India 20%   Iran 56%   Turkey 69%   Morocco 80%   Iraq 92%

The Office of National Statistics states that immigration into Britain is currently running at 624,000 extra people every year (298,000 net) and almost all come from countries where the anti-Semitism index is much higher than the UK.  The simple maths of averages shows that adding over half a million people every year from less tolerant countries must change the average tolerance index of the UK.  This is exactly what is happening now.  We have had 15 years of EU Freedom of Movement with open borders and a level of uncontrolled immigration from the EU and the rest of the world on a scale that Britain has never seen before.  So we should not really be surprised that we are seeing a rise in anti-Semitism when an estimated 5 million extra people have moved to the UK since 2010, and many of these are from countries with radically less tolerant attitudes than our own.

CONCLUSION: Mass uncontrolled immigration into Britain is a major cause in the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK .  It is a consequence of our EU membership and our open borders immigration policy.  Unfortunately if we remain in the EU anti-Semitism will continue to get worse as the EU expands ever further into eastern Europe, Turkey (index = 69%), Asia and North Africa, and as millions more people from less tolerant (or openly hostile) countries migrate to the UK.  It has also been suggested that unrest in Libya will send up to one million more refugees to Europe.

The fact that mass uncontrolled immigration is clearly a major reason for the rise in anti-Semitism is never mentioned by our politicians.  This is becuase the three traditional parties (Conservatives, Labour and Lib-Dems) are all bound by “Groupthink” to our EU membership and so have to pretend that the problem lies elsewhere.  What is worse is that many Lib-Lab-Con politicians have now adjusted their own positions, regarding Israel in particular, to try to win the votes of these new migrants many of whom remain virulently anti Israel and anti-Semitic.  

A problem cannot be fixed until you correctly identify it and call it by its real name.  We must address this problem before it is too late.  UKIP is the only party committed to leaving the EU which is the only way to control our borders.  UKIP will Control and Manage our Borders by reintroducing a controlled immigration policy (like we used to have) and restoring British sovereignty, law and security.  Then and only then can we get to grips with the scourge of anti-Semitism, and all the other problems associated with mass uncontrolled immigration such as the unsustainable pressure on our hospitals, schools, housing, standard of living, crime rate and our environment. 

Our freedom is built on British democracy and law, so don't give it away to the EU where “democracy” means many different things and your EU vote counts for nothing.  The current EU path is clear, and means more of the same, so anti-Semitism will continue to rise along with continuing mass uncontrolled immigration, but what future do you want?  Only UKIP offers a real alternative by believing in a Britain outside the EU; in a Britain where freedom and tolerance thrive and the anti-Semitism index remains at or below 8%

Richard King is a Friend of Israel.

Article by Richard King, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green.

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