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UKIP Policies - What we will do

2nd Feb, 15

UKIP Policies - What we will do   click on item to view

For all UKIP policy please go to the UKIP Maifesto for GE 2015.  All of our policies are explained in detail in the manifesto so if you need to check facts or detail they will be in there.

BELIEVE IN BRITAIN with Nigel Farage, as UKIP launches 2015 GE campaign.

My Britain. UKIP Britain. Does it sound like your Britain?

Trade - Protecting Jobs and Increasing Prosperity    Taxation

Cut waste - Reducing Debts we leave to our grandchildren    

The National Health Service - Free at point of delivery    

Energy - reduce your fuel bills by abolishing green taxes   

Controlling and Managing Our Borders     Culture and British Values   

Welfare and Childcare     Housing, Planning and Protecting the Environment   

Law and Order, Crime and Punishment, and Supremacy of British Courts  

Education, Skills and Training - allow more Grammar schools    

Employment and Small Businesses, reduce "Red Tape" & crippling Regulations

Foreign Aid     Transport      Agriculture and Fishing     

British Parliamentary Sovereignty, Democracy and the Constitution   

English Votes for English Laws

Defence        Honouring the Military Covenant