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UKIP's 15 Main Priorities and Policies For You

30th Mar, 15

For all UKIP policy please go to the UKIP Manifesto for GE 2015.  All of our policies are explained in detail in the manifesto so if you need to check facts or detail they will be in there.
Only UKIP offers real, common sense change at this election because only UKIP:
  1. Has a fully-funded plan to invest £3bn a year more in the NHS.
  2. Will end the open door to immigration from the EU, replacing it with a controlled Australian-style, points system.
  3. Will give working people the prospect of pay rises that can raise their living standards by limiting the supply of labour from outside Britain for working class jobs.
  4. Will scrap income tax on the minimum wage by raising the personal allowance to at least £13,000 through the next parliament and higher still if the finances allow.
  5. Will allow British companies to favour British job applicants without risking being sued for discrimination - at last making a reality of the idea of "British jobs for British workers".
  6. Will get rid of the hated and iniquitous inheritance tax.
  7. Will cut the foreign aid giveaways, saving £9bn a year for other priorities.
  8. Will meet the 2% NATO commitment on defence spending, fully funding our brave and magnificent armed forces personnel and spending an average of more than £3bn a year extra on defence throughout the next parliament compared to the other parties.
  9. Will fight to get Britain out of the EU - saving £8-10bn in net contributions to Brussels every year.
  10. Will encourage the creation of more grammar schools so that bright children from non-privileged backgrounds can once again fulfil their potential.
  11. Will scrap the green levies that put up your gas and electricity bills.
  12. Will take Britain out of the European human rights regime, so that our own Supreme Court can finally live up to its name and so we can keep the ban on prisoners having the vote and expel foreign criminals and preachers of hate.
  13. Will scrap the HS2 vanity project, saving around £4bn annually by the end of the next parliamentary term.
  14. Will get rid of the Barnett Formula so that Scotland does not continue to be subsidised by English taxpayers to the tune of several billion pounds a year.
  15. Will scrap the tax on illness, also known as hospital car parking charges.

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