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Welfare and Childcare

20th Dec, 14

Welfare and Childcare

– UKIP opposes the bedroom tax because it operates unfairly, penalising those who are unable to find alternative accommodation and taking insufficient account of the needs of families and the disabled.

– Child benefit is only to be paid to children permanently resident in the UK and future child benefit to be limited to the first two children only.  

– UKIP will ensure there is an initial presumption of 50/50 shared parenting in child custody matters and grandparents will be given visitation rights.

– UKIP supports a simplified, streamlined welfare system and a benefit cap.

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UKIP opposes the BEDROOM TAX, but Mike Freer (Con) and Dr Matthew Offord (Con) all voted FOR the Bedroom Tax.  Theresa Villiers (Con) was absent.  Check if your Barnet MP vote for (or against) the BEDROOM TAX ?

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