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Why we must leave the EU

2nd Feb, 15

Why we must leave the EU ... what it really means.

The Monumental Deceit & True Purpose of the EU - How they lied to us all   (and continue to do so).  75% of Britain’s laws are now made by the EU so unless we leave the EU we are powerless to change most of the polcies and regulations which affect every aspect of our lives.  So how much does the EU really cost us?  The respected economist Prof. Tim Congdon has done a detailed economic analysis and estimates the EU Costs Britain £170 billion per year (11% of GDP)

Europe doesn't work - the Myth of 3 millions jobs at risk & other misconceptions

10 myths why we cannot leave the EU     10 reasons to leave the EU    

Why we do not need to be in the EU to trade     Why we are Better Off Out of the EU    

Remember the broken "Cast Iron Guarrantee" on an EU Referendum made by David Cameron in 2009 before the last general election.  We have seen how easily Conservative promises are broken so how can anyone trust him this time?  Don't fall for it again!

UKIP believes our freedom is built on our sovereign British democracy and system of Law.  Let's not give it away to the EU where your vote means nothing.  In yet another disturbing attack on democracy and self-determination, Vice President of the European Commission Viviane Reding claimed that Britons are too ignorant to vote on membership in the European Union (EU).  Perhaps we need to leave while we still can?

Lord Norman Tebbit says Britain must be rescued from the EU

New report says Cuts in red tape are cancelled out by burden of EU rules.